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Mark Newhouse Makes Back to Back WSOP ME Final Tables

Mark "Newhizzle" Newhouse accomplished the nearly impossible by making the WSOP Main Event Final Table for the second year in a row.

Dan Harrington was the last player to make back to back final tables, but that was in 2003-04 before the field sizes blew up to where they are today making Newhouse's feat that much more improbable.

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Tran and Newhouse make 2013 WSOP Main Event Final Table

Pokulator would like to send a big congratulations to J.C. Tran and Mark "Newhizzle" Newhouse for making the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event! We are not saying these guys made the final table just because they have interviewed with Pokulator in the past, but we also haven't ruled that out. Tran has been a beast and one of the most consistent players on the circuit for the past five or six years. He's already one of the all time leading tournament money winners and he heads into the final table as the chip leader and favorite to win. Newhouse has been more feast or famine, but his final table appearance will cement him amongst the all time tournament money winners. Both Tran and Newhouse have been very down to earth, honest, and nice during all of our interactions with them. Pokulator will definitely be rooting for one of these two poker pros to win it all come November. If neither of them take it down, our pick to win is David "Raptor" Benefield.

Pokulator used to catch up with Newhouse each year at the WPT Invitational. But, since the WPT cut the Invitational from its schedule a few years ago, we haven't seen him as often. Luckily, he was gold every time we did:

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WSOP Circuit Harrah's Rincon Final Table

Joe Kuether continued his amazing March by winning his third live tournament in the 2012 WSOP Circuit Main Event.

Kuether won two preliminary tournaments in the beginning of March at the Wynn Classic and has had strong showings in both Circuit Events of the month.

This is what it looks like when you put 50K in an envelope.

March Madness is upon us and Harrah's Rincon Main Event is down to the Final Four. (from left to right) Chris Cronin, Fredddy Deeb, Joe Kuether, and Ryan Gentry will battle it out for the $118,000 first prize although Freddy Deeb is sitting on a short stack.

5:51 pm update:Short stack Freddy Deeb has graciously offered to chop the prizepool and play for the ring. He tells the table they will regret turning it down when he comes back to win. Freddy doubled up the next hand and asked, "how about now? You guys wanna split it?"

5:28 pm update:Chris Cronin says he can do no wrong in 2012 after knocking out two players in dramatic fashion with QQ in a three way all-in pot. Ty Spires took the lead on the flop when an ace flopped putting his AK ahead. A blank on the turn setup the 2-outer on the river as the queen fell for Cronin eliminating Spires and seat 9.

5:20 pm update:Players are back from break and 7 remain with Joe Kuether leading the way with exactly 2 million chips.

Update:I left the tournament room and somehow found the poker room which was moved and hidden upstairs on the second floor. The poker players get no love from the house here but luckily I doubled up on my second hand when my 10 7 offsuit flopped top two and turned a boat.

Update:After folding his AK face up on a Q98 flop someone asked Freddy Deeb if he didn't like the flop?

Freddy answered ,"I just busted a player I don't want to bust another one yet."

Update: Ryan Buckholtz shoved all in pre-flop with K4 offsuit only to be called by Freddy Deeb's AQ and was eliminated after Deeb improved to trip aces.

Update: After another elimination the office Final Table is set:

Seat 1 Chris Cronin 238,000
Seat 2 Ryan Buckholtz 413,000
Seat 3 Freddy Deeb 1,200,000
Seat 4 Joe Kuether 781,000
Seat 5 Ryan Gentry 860,000
Seat 6 Ty Spires 1,150,000
Seat 7 David Funkhauser 968,000
Seat 8 Stephan Plache 625,000
Seat 9 Chris Bratene 277,000

Update: Freddy Deeb knocked out Brandon Cantu and they are down to the final table, although one more person needs to be eliminated before it becomes the official final table - ok, whatever.

11 players remain in the 2012 WSOP Circuit Main Event Championship at Harrah's Rincon outside of San Diego. We are live on the scene as Freddy Deeb and Brandon Cantu are the big names left hoping to take down the $111,104 first prize. Local favorite and good friend of Pokulator, Ryan Gentry is alive and in the middle of the pack.

Fresh off of two wins at the Wynn Classic earlier this month, Joe Kuether also made this final table to continue his recent live tournament heater.

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Liv Boeree Rocks the 2011 WPT Invitational

British poker sensation Liv Boeree fits right in with the celebrity actresses, models, and musicians that annually flock to LA for the WPT Invitational. Liv has been on a poker career heater winning many large tournaments both online and live. We caught up with her and asked about the success of women of poker, music, and surprises about herself.

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Norm MacDonald will host High Stakes Poker

Norm MacDonald has just been named the replacement for Gabe Kaplan as host of the popular TV show High Stakes Poker. Most people only know of Norm from movies and TV, but he has been a gambler (and poker player) for a long time. As huge fans of his movie "Dirty Work" we asked him about some odds from the Movie when we caught up with him playing poker at the WPT invitational in 2006.

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Kimberly Lansing returns to the WPT

Our friends at thewomenofpoker.com recently caught up with Kimberly Lansing in Los Angeles and asked her about returning to the World Poker Tour for season 10. Kimberly Lansing was a fan favorite before taking a few years off to pursue other interests. See more of photos and videos of Kimberly Lansing.

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Erick Lindgren and Erica Schoenberg

We caught up with Erick Lindgren and Erica Schoenberg during a break at the WPT's Legends of Poker. If Erick and Erica aren't the perfect poker couple we don't know who is.

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WSOP 2010

Our first WSOP was the last one where a champion was crowned at Binion's in 2005 and we've made it back every year since - until now. Barring a final table appearance by any friends still left in the Main Event, it looks like we will provide zero coverage, attend zero parties, and knock zero years off our lives by skipping the 2010 WSOP. But, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate WSOPs past with some of our all time favorite WSOP photos and videos:
Paola Martin was one of our most popular photo subjects at the 2009 WSOP.

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Donny Wahlberg all played in a high stakes cash game at the 2007 WSOP.

Mike Caro seemed very excited to meet Sunny Leonne at the WSOP.

Trishelle Cannatella gave then boyfriend Jeff Madsen a kiss after he busted out of an event at the 2008 WSOP.

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More Information Revealed on UB Cheating Scandal List

Mike Corriveau AKA Mookman5 on Two Plus Two, the world's most influential poker forum, has finally released his research on the cheating scandal that took place on Ultimatebet.com. Corriveau worked off a partial list leaked from UB of those allegedly involved or associated with the cheating scandal and subsequent cover-up at the disgraced online poker site UB.com or ultimatebet.com as it was known before they changed the name trying to distance themselves from the scandal linked to their former name.

Corriveau has spent two years investigating this scandal and finally posted the results of his hard work in a 2p2 thread tonight. Corriveau has been threatened during his investigation, but seems to have made as much progress as anyone in shedding light on this story that rocked the online poker community. His information is sure to bring about many more questions and lead to much more information being revealed about those involved. Some very interesting names are included in Corriveau's findings and he will shed more light on those involved soon (two notables heavily involved with UB not included are Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke).

Check back soon for an interview with Corriveau where we will ask him more about his research and how he broke down the scandal. Also, Haley Hintz has been doing an excellent job in her poker blog unravelling the scandal so check there as well as here for more developments.

Check below the jump for our interviews with UB reps Annie Duke and Joe Sebok where we asked them about the scandal.

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Annette Obrestad at the 2009 WSOP Main Event

Annette Obrestad is making her live tournament debut in the United States at the 2010 World Series of Poker. We caught up with Annette AKA Annette_15 at the 2009 WSOP and finally got it posted a year later before she was legally allowed to play. Many people are predicting big things for Annette at the 2010 WSOP so stay tuned...

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We caught up with Stacy Keibler last week at Commerce Casino and asked her a little bit about her poker background.

Women of Poker iphone App


TheWomenofPoker.com and Applicorp have come together to bring the first women of poker iphone app, now available in the itunes store. Keep up with the hottest women in poker with videos, photos, bios, and stats. Many exciting updates to come. Version 1 includes: Vanessa Rousso, Jayde Nicole, Liv Boeree, Shannon Elizabeth, Trishelle Cannatella, Jennifer Tilly, Kimberly Lansing, and many many more...

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Liv Boeree Wins EPT San Remo

liv-boeree Liv Boeree won the EPT San Remo today, defeating Jakob Carlson heads up making her one of the hottest women on tour in more than one way. Liv takes home €1,250,000 for besting the 1,240 player field, which we think is a bigger prize than the $1.5 Million that the WPT Championship winner will take home later this week.

In addition to being a great card player, Liv plays guitar, majored in Physics, is smoking hot with a sexy accent, and probably saves baby seals in her spare time.

Liv Boeree's win in the EPT San Remo more than quadruples her career tournament winnings and continues the hot streak for women on the poker circuit recently. Just last week Vanessa Selbst won the NAPT Mohegan Sun, and last month Annie Duke won the NBC Heads Up Championship (Inviational). With women doing so well on the poker tour right now, what better time to check out the women of poker.

Top Six from EPT San Remo:
1 - Liv Boeree €1,250,000
2 - Jakob Carlson €750,000
3 - Toni Pettersson €420,000
4 - Michael Piper €345,000
5 - Alexey Rybin €270,000
6 - Giuseppe Diep €210,000

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Jayde Nicole and Sara Underwood star at the WPT Invitational

Many tournaments have featured back to back champions or back to back player of the years, but only the 2010 WPT Celebrity Invitational can boast back to back Playboy Playmate of the Years. 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole (left), joined 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood (right) and many other celebrities and almost celebrities for what is annually the most festive tournament on the WPT's schedule.

With all the arguments these days about what is good for poker and what is bad for poker, we are going out on a limb and saying Playmates are good for poker. Especially Playmates of the Year. But, the Invitational was more serious this year despite the many distractions, so we took that as our sign to bail. Pokerlistings' bad boy reporter, Marty "the Anti-Party" Derbyshire, did resist the temptation to have fun for once in his life and stayed behind, so follow his coverage here:

For our complete WPT Invitational Photo Album click 2010-wpt-invitational

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Serinda Swan in Maxim and Movies


Former Face of Absolute Poker Serinda Swan is moving up in world starring in the soon to be released movie Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and is featured in this month's Maxim Magazine (photo top left).

We met Serinda at the 2006 WSOP with fellow Vancouver beauty Lynette Chan where Serinda offered and we stupidly never took her up on to bring some friends and show us around Vancouver for our buddy's bachelor party the following month. Unfortunately, we haven't seen Serinda since, but it looks like she has been busy advancing her career and we are happy that she ditched the losers at AP for bigger and better things.

serinda-swan-tronSerinda was casted to play Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sexual desire, which doesn't seem like much of a stretch for her. Yes, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief really is the name of the movie in the Tron Legacy, and yes, the director's name really is Chris Columbus.

By no coincidence we haven't mentioned Absolute Poker for years since Absolute Poker hasn't given any real details about the cheating scandal on their site and we think the same people still own AP/UB/SERIOUS? So, here's a cartoon we made a few years ago as a warning reminder from us for those thinking of playing on those sites:

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Lynette Chan asks Joe Sebok about working with UB

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Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner's Split May Open the Floodgates for the Sharks

jayde-nicole-poker Recent reports out of Hollywood are suggesting that the stars of MTV's The Hills, Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner, have ended their highly public 15 month off screen relationship. Both have hinted of the break in recent tweets, but neither have confirmed the reports outright. On December 18, Jayde Nicole Tweeted "Sometimes when you truly love someone you have to let them go…..’ I never really understood that quote until now.’” Jenner seemingly responded the next day the only way he could, through twitter saying, "So I decided to stay in Australia BY MYSELF!!! Hahaha this is Crazy…Might just stay here and start a new life.”

Considering Jayde Nicole recently told Pokulator.com that she will be appearing in many more poker tournaments including the 2010 WSOP, the breakup can only be good news for poker players looking to be Jayde's rebound. Given the amount of sharks in the water and the Playboy beauty's interest in poker, we would not be surprised to see a love connection (or rebound) with someone from the poker world in Jayde's not too distant future.

For more of Pokulator's pictures of Jayde Nicole click here.

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Poker Stars to buy land based Casino(s)?

poker-starsIf Poker Stars paid to insert a Vanessa Rousso spread in the latest Hustler Magazine it can only mean one thing. Sorry guys, not Vanessa Rousso nude, but rather that Poker Stars must be looking to expand its business to land based casinos. Obviously anyone paying over $13 for porn in Hustler Magazine has never been introduced to the internet, let alone capable of navigating to Poker Stars to sign up for an online poker account. So only one questions remains, what is the brass at Poker Stars really eyeing?"
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Vanessa Rousso Appears in Hustler Magazine

I recently got word that Vanessa Rousso was on the cover of this month's Hustler Magazine. So when I finished what I was working on I headed to the Hustler Store conveniently located just one block away. My first visit to this same store was about eight years ago for the grand opening party where I was able to meet Hustler founder and poker enthusiast Larry Flynt. That night he rolled through the store in a golden wheelchair and signed appendages of many of the well endowed ladies in the greeting line.

Upon entering the store today I saw no sign of Mr. Flynt but did see a lovely woman at the front desk carefully folding a pair of black see through thong panties that seemed too small to fold. I interrupted her folding show to ask "Do you have a Hustler Magazine with a poker player on it?" She pointed me to the stairs and said all magazines are on the third floor.

At the top of the stairs I navigated through a maze of swings, lubes, and other sex toys and made my way to the magazine rack. vanessa-rousso-hustlerJust next to Barely Legal I found the copy of Hustler with Vanessa Rousso on the cover and took it up to the register. The guy ringing me up said, "You know if you spend $50 you get a mess of free porn." I declined any extra purchases and was amazed when my total came to $13 and change for just the one magazine. "Wow, that's a lot to pay for just an article," I told him, "because I know this poker player won't be nude in here." He said, "No bro, she's on the cover, she'll be naked in there." I offered a friendly $5 bet that he was incorrect, but he declined and said, "Let's just open it and see." We ripped off the protective wrap and in addition to learning that Hustler is much different than Playboy, we saw:

vanessa-rousso-hustler vanessa-rousso-hustler

It seems pretty clear that Poker Stars is willing to spread Vanessa Rousso's name through a wide variety of media outlets despite the lack skin shown in this particular magazine. So, I thanked the guy at the register and headed back to my car arriving just as the parking meter enforcement guy was pulling up. He stopped at my car eyeing the expired meter next to it, so I quickly slipped in and said, "Not this time buddy," just as I'm telling you if you came here to see pictures of Vanessa Rousso naked!

See our Vanessa Rousso page for our interview with her from the 2007 WSOP and more pictures.

See more of Vanessa Rousso at
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Kimberly Lansing and Layla Kayleigh WPT Outtakes

We're still digging through the archives and found this clip of outtakes put together by the WPT featuring two all time Pokulator favorites Kimberly Lansing and Layla Kayleigh.

See our Kimberly Lansing Tribute Page for more photos and videos of the lovely Kimberly Lansing.

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Trishelle Cannatella and Lynette Chan chat about poker, men, and more...

From her days on MTV's The Real World, Trishelle Cannatella is known to have a lot of gamble in her. Now players on the poker circuit will have to worry about bad beats from Trishelle as she hits the poker circuit as the new celebrity endorser for Absolute Poker. Good friend of Pokulator and Full Tilt Pro Lynette Chan caught up with Trishelle at the Annie Duke Charity Event and asked her about poker, men, and more...

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Main Event Final Table is Heads Up (but with Ivey out who cares?) so here's more Jayde Nicole

We decided to bring you no coverage of the 2009 WSOP Main Event Final Table, but instead present a November Nine of our own. Nine previously unpublished photos of Jayde Nicole playing poker and hanging out around a poker tournament. Be on the lookout because rumor has it that Jayde will be playing in the 2010 WSOP Main Event.
jayde-nicole jayde-nicole
Jayde Nicole got a few quick pointers from WSOP Champ Jamie Gold before the tournament began.
jayde-nicole jayde-nicole jayde-nicole jayde-nicole jayde-nicole
Jayde Nicole got some coaching from 2007 WSOP Main Event Winner Jamie Gold (far left - actually the guy sitting across from her at the table not the asian woman dealer) prior to the Legends Media Tournament.

You may think this photo is cropped funny, but I wanted to show up in a picture with Jayde Nicole. I actually think she was pointing to me and telling her blonde friend that she wanted me (note the pouty expression on the blonde's face when she realizes that she may lose another one to Jayde), while the lady in front in the purple blouse says "I'm glad they like the guy in the peace shirt cause no way dude with frosted tips can or even wants to handle those two."

Or I should quit making captions now.

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Kimberly Lansing

Kimberly Lansing burst onto the poker scene in 2007 doing live updates for the World Poker Tour. She quickly moved into the hostess role and built a huge fan following. She made a deep run in the 2008 WPT Invitational making the final table before finally getting eliminated. Kimberly left the World Poker Tour, but still works as a journalist and her work can be seen in People, Us Weekly, In Style, and many more.


More Kimberly Lansing Photos and Videos after the jump. Continue Reading…

Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole professional poker player?

2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole is getting serious about poker and plans to take her game to the professional poker circuit. We first played with her after Thanksgiving dinner in 2008 at a home game with her boyfriend Brody Jenner, then saw her again at the 2009 Legends of Poker Celebrity Media Invitational.

Prior to the tournament Jayde got some pointers from former WSOP Main Event Champion Jamie Gold, then she made a deep run herself (lasted 7 levels longer than both of us) before finally busting out - no pun intended!

Jayde Nicole and Jamie Gold do an interview together

Jayde Nicole was stacked for most of the tournament

Jayde Nicole poses with her friend Jessica Hall

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Lacey Jones and Christina Hall are Dreamy at the 2009 WSOP Dream Team Event

Lacey Jones and Christina Hall are Dreamy at WSOP's Dream Team Poker Event Lacey Jones and Christina Hall weren't too hard on the eyes in the Dream Team Poker Tournament at the 2009 World Series of Poker. Here they talk about poker, show off their tan lines, say what kind of guys they like, and even mention a potential mud wrestling match with former friend Christina Lindley.

See more of Lacey Jones on our Lacey Jones Photos Page

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Nelly Needs that Arod Money

We caught up with Nelly before the PokerStars party during the 2009 WSOP where he explained how anyone can be a professional poker player.

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